The Parrish Civic Association

Mission Statement


  • To provide a forum for all individuals interested in the community of Parrish.
  • To facilitate discussion of on-going and new projects of interest and mutual benefit to the community.
  • To communicate with the elected officials and others in County, State, and National governmental bodies, concerns of the community.
  • To focus on the interests of the community as they relate to its future within Manatee County and among other existing communities



Parrish Civic Association
P.O. Box 257
Parrish, Florida 34219-0257

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CDC Presentation for Parrish

Report on Future Parrish Development


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Gretchen Fowler - President

Norma Kennedy - Vice President

Tami Vaughan - Treasurer

Denise Greer - Secretary


Cindy Chin
Paul Cote
Ben Jordan
Don Schaal
Denise Greer
Cookie Jordan
Dustin Schaal
Iris McClain

the Parrish Civic Association

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